About Boss Security

Boss Security & Man Power Supply

About Boss Security

Boss Security is a proprietorship security agency in Bhopal. Over the years, it has provided security services to public sector undertakings, leading business houses, factories, institutions and residential areas in different states of India. We provide the most tailor-made and professional solutions for all your security issues. We give a personal touch to all the services that we provide as your security is our foremost concern. Our partners hold over 15 years of experience in the industry and are trained in all aspects of man management, industrial behavior and security. Our endeavor is to provide maximum services with minimum man power based on careful survey and assessment of the client’s requirements.

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Mission Statement & Objective

BOSS Management Services strives to be the Premier provider of security and allied service to its clients with the mission.

1 To meet the security requirement of our clients, with utmost professionalism and continuous support.

2 To develop professionalism and work ethics amongst our employees, to be fair and just to the work force and thus create an atmosphere of loyalty and dedication.

3 To be responsible corporate citizen, with adherence to fair labour practices and safety norms.

4 Commitment to continuous and responsible growth.

5 To share the value of community development and extend our corporation towards environmental protection.

6 Boss Security strives to be the premier provider of security and allied services to its clients.

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